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Johnny 'Baseball' Manziel to throw first pitch at Rangers game

Johnny Manziel will throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, and somebody will make fun of him for it.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel will have the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at one of the Texas Rangers' first games of the season:

This is just another example of the MISTAKE the Heisman committee made awarding a LOW-CLASS DWEEB like Manziel an award with the prestige of the Heisman. Johnny "Football" clearly doesn't understand that the only thing he should be throwing is touchdowns -- not baseballs, or punches or Tweets. (Do you throw tweets? I dictate my columns to my 14-year-old niece.) Have fun courtside at NBA games and on the mound at MLB games, Johnny, because at this rate, you're saying "BYEsman" to your chances of making the league that really matters.

Maybe if Johnny Manziel gets his head on his shoulders and out of the gutter, he'll finally do something with his career besides winning his sport's most prestigious honor quicker than anybody else ever has.

No, but seriously, I can't wait for somebody to criticize him for this, because you know it's going to happen.

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