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Randy Edsall's near-death Pahokee experience might not've happened

The Maryland head coach might not have been chased down on a recruiting trip to the Everglades.


Maryland Terrapins head coach Randy Edsall might have told too tall a tale in discussing a recruiting trip to the glades of Florida. On Signing Day, Edsall indicated he'd been chased by several strange vehicles at night in the local community of Belle Glade, FL while getting lost on an in-home recruiting trip to see defensive back Will Likely.

However, local coaches in the region seem to believe that Edsall fabricated the story, reports Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post, as some details remain murky.

Edsall stated that he and fellow coach Brian Stewart were having trouble navigating the particular region of Pahokee, but one coach wondered how the two could have gotten lost in a region with only a handful of arteries of traffic.

According to Edsall, he made a 911 call to local authorities indicating he was "the head coach of the University of Maryland." The university claims that the incident happened on Dec. 10, but Porter reports there's no indication that any phone call took place.

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