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USC football partners with Fatburger: Let's try to make jokes about this

It's apparently not easy.

It looks like Lane Kiffin is holding a menu. Is that a Fatburger joke?
It looks like Lane Kiffin is holding a menu. Is that a Fatburger joke?
Stephen Dunn

After reading this item, I solicited my colleagues for jokes about Fatburger. You know, amusing things about Fatburger to which I could compare amusing things about USC football.

I don't know any jokes about Fatburger. I've never eaten there. As far as I understand, Fatburgers are near In-N-Outs, which are good enough, so I'll just go to those. Fatburger is probably fine.

Since none of my colleagues stepped up to provide me with Fatburger jokes, I Googled "fatburger jokes." Let's review the first page of results. /clears throat:

It's The Strip. Everything is served with alcohol, overpriced, and over-the-top. Can't say that this place is an exception to this unwritten rule.

Trip Advisor:

Service is a joke.


My coworkers were fantastic, and we strove to make it a fun experience for everyone. We made jokes, had some laughs, and were praised for our customer service.


Fatburger's fresh (i.e. not frozen) lean beef patties are cooked to order, their onion rings are "made from real onions" and the shakes are hand-scooped, which gives them some street cred in our opinion.


First of all, I can't believe I ate at a place called FATBURGER. I mean seriously? My colleague and I always joke that we can never eat at Blimpie's because of the name.

Orange County Register:

People who harass others or joke about tragedies will be blocked.

Seattle Times:

Ever since the former heavyweight champion and his publicity man, Bill Caplan, noticed that the 275-pound Foreman got his biggest laughs when he joked about his cheeseburger-abuse problem, he has been asked repeatedly to come up with the Foreman rankings of America's hamburger franchises.

Back at work, my sweater and I were the butt of several jokes and I vowed that my second visit would be in my least favourite T-shirt and a plastic poncho.

Nobody knows any jokes about Fatburger. USC football is joke-proof.