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Arizona State blasts Notre Dame, referencing nuns and everything

Notre Dame wants to dump their 2014 game with ASU, and AD Steve Patterson is not too happy about it.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson let loose on Notre Dame on Wednesday during a radio interview, after the Irish made it clear they are trying to drop their scheduled 2014 game.

As part of Notre Dame's deal with the ACC, the Irish must play at least five ACC teams every year, starting in 2014. A 2014 game with Florida State was announced on Tuesday, and it would seem that Arizona State is going to be the game that is dumped to make room. The reasoning is understandable, but Patterson seems to take umbrage with how Notre Dame let them know:

"The school didn't have the courtesy to have the athletic director (Jack Swarbrick) call the athletic director at ASU to discuss it," Patterson said. "They had their PR guy call (ASU's media relations office) to give us a message Friday afternoon while everybody was out of town at the Final Four."

He also added:

"At least in the little Catholic town I grew up in -- Beaver Dam, Wis. -- the good nuns wouldn’t have thought that was a very appropriate way to honor your word."

The Sun Devils now have to scramble to fill their third non-conference game in 2014. The Pac-12 plays a nine-game schedule, and they're already slated to play Weber State and New Mexico. With 18 months to go, they should get a suitable replacement, but chances are good that it won't be a marquee matchup.

The Sun Devils and Fighting Irish are still scheduled to play in Cowboys Stadium in Oct. 2013.

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