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NCAA 'offended' by Miami's move to trash Nevin Shapiro case

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Enforcement staff head Jonathan Duncan penned a lengthy defense of the NCAA's probe into the Miami football program, refuting some claims made by the school against investigators.

Joe Robbins

Since the news emerged that the NCAA erred in its investigation into the Miami football program with some unethical practices, the school has gone on the offensive, arguing that the whole case should be thrown out. Interim Vice President of Enforcement Jonathan Duncan fired back at the school recently in a 42-page document sent to Britton Banowsky, the chairman of the committee on infractions

"In the enforcement staff's view, the motions to dismiss are largely based on assumptions, false accusations, misleading statements and meritless claims about the enforcement staff and its investigation," Duncan wrote.

Duncan added that the enforcement staff is "offended" by the insinuations made by Miami and that the Hurricanes' leadership is "grasping at straws" in an attempt to discredit NCAA employees closely involved with the investigation. The NCAA sent its notice of allegations to Miami in February; among other things, Miami was accused of a lack of institutional control.

Since then, Miami has used news of impropriety within the investigation to fight the allegations leveled against it in an effort to fend off whatever sanctions might come as a result of the NCAA's probe. But Duncan's letter makes clear that the enforcement staff is not interested in letting this case go.

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