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2013 spring football game attendance rankings: Nebraska, Kentucky (!) lead so far

In the long run, spring game attendance doesn't really mean much, but it's a chance to see sort-of real football during the long offseason. Let's take a look at who's packed the most fans into their stadium so far this spring.

Jason Kirk, SB Nation

We're starting to hit the meat of the 2013 spring football schedule, with another big crop of games coming up the weekend of April 20. Spring games are ultimately meaningless affairs, but they give people a chance to look at football during the offseason, so they are celebrated among the more devoted segments of college football fanbases.

Let's take a look at the attendance numbers from the early games, based on what each school has offered. These numbers are claimed attendance, so you should take them with one or more grains of salt.

Team Claimed attendance

Nebraska 60174

Kentucky 50831

Texas 46000

Texas A&M 45212

Georgia 45113

Ohio State 37643

South Carolina 35218

Louisville 33000

Clemson 30000

Oklahoma 29200

Ole Miss 28000

FSU 27500

Michigan 18000

USC 15284

UNC 15000

Vanderbilt 14000

BYU 12000

Colorado 10244

Boise State 9146

Maryland 8200

Purdue 6427

Arizona State 6300

Cal 5831

Louisiana Tech 5700

Duke 5213

Texas State 4608

USF 4606

Stanford 4350

Arizona 4095

Pitt 3642

Baylor 3500

UTEP 2581

UTSA 2506

South Alabama 2281

Illinois 2100

Cincinnati 2000

UNLV 1200

Tulsa 1200

Some observations:

Another bumper crop of spring games will take place this Saturday, including Alabama, Notre Dame, Penn State, Auburn, and Arkansas, amongst others. You can see the full list here, as well as how you can watch them if you're not in attendance.

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