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South Carolina's football stadium vandalized with orange tiger paws

It appears a few Clemson fans searching for their inner artist went over to South Carolina's football stadium with some orange spray paint.

Victor Hampton's Instagram

Vandalism has no offseason, and it looks like Clemson supporters armed with some orange spray paint made their way over to - and inside - South Carolina's Williams-Brice Stadium to keep the Carolina-Clemson rivalry boiling through the offseason.

Tuesday, a few pictures made their way onto social media of orange tiger paws sprayed into the South Carolina football field and its surroundings:

They also made it over to the Cockaboose Railroad, the 20 or so immobile train cars outside the stadium used for tailgating:

This may or may not make up for the fact that the Gamecocks have won four straight in a series historically carried by Clemson. All I can think is: those dudes better hope nobody tells Jadeveon Clowney about this. That initial picture was Instagrammed by USC cornerback Victor Hampton, so they might be in trouble on that front.

Initial suspects include a very, very, very, very, very, very, very excitable tiger with a penchant for getting on the wrong side of the law.

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