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Maybe the most unusual college football press release ever

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The traditional definition of Neon Night in western Michigan.
The traditional definition of Neon Night in western Michigan.

This does sound like a fun day! No other comment:

All WMU students are invited to a special event just for you on April 12. Come to NEKTON Neon Night at Waldo Stadium to not only interact with new head coach P.J. Fleck and the WMU football team but also have the chance to win great prizes.
The Western Michigan football team has a new approach in 2013, a different mentality, a NEKTON mentality. What is a NEKTON mentality, you ask? The definition of a NEKTON is this:
An actively swimming organism in a body of water, usually oceans or lakes, that is able to move independent of water currents, circumstances never dictate its behavior. NEKTON's are always attacking, and never full. (Great White Shark)
That same "always attacking, never satisfied" mantra will be the approach for WMU football in 2013. The WMU Broncos will be NEKTON's on the football field, and we need you to have the same mentality in the stands every Saturday.
During the event, which starts at 9 p.m., in Waldo Stadium, the WMU football team will be conducting one of its spring practices. Coach Fleck will address the crowd to give you an idea of what the WMU Football Game Experience will be in 2013. WMU football on Saturday is, as Coach Fleck describes, "It's What You Do in Kalamazoo."
The new official DJ of the Broncos will be performing, giving you an idea of what game day will sound like in 2013. Vendors from all over the area will be located inside Gate 2 with free food for everyone. How do you win prizes? The "Spring Social" will incorporate various forms of social media (Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Vine, Tout, etc.). We want to see you and your friends at the event. It's that simple:
  • Wearing neon
  • Wearing WMU football gear
  • Creative depiction of Row the Boat
  • Tweeting the definition of a NEKTON
  • Checking in at Waldo Stadium with a pic of the event
  • Submitting a video via Vine or Tout while at the event saying Row the Boat
@WMUBroncoFans will select the winners and those lucky few will be shown on the Waldo Stadium video board or will be notified via Twitter and get announced during the event. A special give away will take place four times during the event with the winner(s) getting to come onto the field for the remainder of the event.
Leading up to the event on April 12, be sure to follow @WMUBroncoFans on Twitter for details and use the hash tag #NEKTON when submitting pics, videos, checking in, or talking about the event with your friends leading up to April 12. Also, the best way for this event to get the attention (and attendance) it deserves is through you the students. Tell your friends. Bring your friends.
Students are invited to attend the Greek Week 7-on-7 football tournament from 7-9 p.m., at Waldo Stadium on April 12 leading up to the NEKTON Neon Night.

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