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Twitter account of Alabama's D.J. Fluker: 'Yea I took $ in college'

This tweet has since been deleted, and the future pro's agent claims the account was hacked.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Star Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker, set to be picked in the NFL Draft, saw his Twitter account tweet the following very late Tuesday:


The tweet was quickly deleted.

Based on the rest of his tweets, I could be convinced this was a #HACKED situation, as his agent claims. Fluker usually just tweets Bible verses and retweets others, though, as has been pointed out, stone-casting is a Bible thing. So our #HACKER at least referenced the right religious text.

Update: There's much more from his agent now:

"This is totally fiction, but I'm waiting to get some proof. I've been on the phone with Twitter." [...]

Gilmore was asked if he understands the toxicity of the Alabama-Auburn rivalry.

"I don't care about it, man," he said. "We've got people getting blown up in Boston. Bigger things.

I don't really care whether Fluker took money in college or not, nor do I care from whom he did or didn't take money. He was one of the best players in the country and gave some of his best years to college football, and if the market had seen fit to compensate him for that beyond a scholarship, then okay.

That said, I'd lean #HACKED until proved otherwise.

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