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Live video of Auburn's Toomer's Corner oaks being cut down

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The beloved Toomer's Corner trees came down today.

City of Auburn

Video via the city of Auburn.

The schedule, which means cutting has already begun:

If all goes as planned, city crews will barricade the intersection at College Street and Magnolia Avenue at 6:20 a.m. Cutting is slated to begin at 7 a.m.

The public can view the cutting from the sidewalks across the street.

"We know that there will be interest in this, so we are trying to make it as easy as possible for the public to view," said university spokesman Mike Clardy.

This weekend, tens of thousands of Auburn fans gathered to say goodbye to the oak trees, which were poisoned in 2010. It was something like amazing. I wrote a lot about it here.

You should also read this and this on the final roll by Auburn fans at SB Nation's College and Magnolia.

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