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College Football Playoff to have poll component

Rankings aren't going away anytime soon. Who's ready for more arguments about Boise State?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Some pertinent details are filtering out regarding the new college football playoff system. Matt Hayes of the Sporting News reveals that the creatively titled College Football Playoff will have its own poll system. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports further elaborates, reporting that the selection committee that's in charge of deciding who will make the semifinals will be releasing an official poll on a regular basis during the playoff era.

The potential topic of polling to help determine the top four teams has been broached before. Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick discussed the need for rankings throughout the course of a season, saying that a weekly ranking of the top 20 teams could be coming at the midway point of every season.

So despite the abolition of the previous BCS structure, the mechanism by which the four teams are chosen probably won't be changing all that much. Expect the build up to ranking revelations on Sunday to still be a constant fixture of your college football lifestyle.

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