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Kansas State to allow alcohol sales at athletic events

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You can now buy booze at Kansas State games. Don't forget to bring your power towel!


Update: Kansas State does not yet plan to sell beer at football games though, although their bylaws now permit it. They're experimenting with the concept at baseball games:

Kansas State has entered the ranks of schools where one can have get a beer at a football game: the Kansas State Collegian reported that the school changed its alcohol policy to allow sales of booze inside their football and basketball stadiums:

According to an email from Warren Strauss, K-State director of internal auditing, the K-State Policy on Alcohol Cereal Malt Beverage has been updated with a revised section .040. The section, titled Athletic Facilities and Athletic Events, now states that "all sales of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverage shall be conducted by a third-party concessionaire."

"Cereal malt beverage" is how Kansas law apparently refers to certain beers, although it sounds an awful lot like a drink Bill Snyder would enjoy out of a large, hearty mug.

More and more schools are getting in on selling alcohol at sporting events. It worked swimmingly for West Virginia, but not so much for Minnesota, although that was mainly due to start-up costs. Fans still won't be allowed to bring in beer to the stadium - selling booze also serves as a way of making sure things don't get too out of hand with the tailgating culture prevalent in college football.

Here's hoping someone is hard at work for a recipe for a beverage called "The Snyderbomb."

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