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Things hacked: AP, D.J. Fluker, College Football Playoff logo poll

Somebody tried to rig the College Football Playoff logo poll, continuing a banner week for college football-related hacking.

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Jason Smith

Build it, and they will hack: Monday, the College Football Playoff was debuted, with a poll to select the new system's logo. By Tuesday, someone had hacked it to influence the voting.

For those keeping track, Logo 4 -- the one someone from the Austin, Texas, area really wants to win -- was the one that looked like a football with spikes coming out of it, supposedly based on a compass, while Logo 3 -- the one currently in first -- is the ESPN-designed one that looks like a pair of tweezers with the year "2014" on it supposedly based on a football and/or a medal.

It's been a banner week for hackers in the college football world, as well as the world at large. We've seen D.J. Fluker claim that he was hacked with regard to a tweet saying he took money from agents while at Alabama. The AP's Twitter account was also hacked, claiming there were explosions at the White House, which briefly sent the stock market into a plunge. The Internet is a scary place, but it appears all three situations have been righted. Remember your passwords, and if somebody claiming to be Rodger Sherman writes something really stupid on the Internet, well, it probably wasn't me.

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