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College Football Playoff: Site, schedule details officially announced

The college football championship game is to be titled the College Football Championship Game.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The college football championship game will be known as the College Football Championship Game, as reported by Stewart Mandel of CBS:

As previously announced, the 2014 College Football Championship Game will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. There is no word yet on where the 2015 and 2016 games will be played, and those locations will be announced in September.

Former BCS commissioner Bill Hancock said that a non-domed cold-weather site would be a "longshot" to receive a College Football Championship Game. Given Hancock's track record on such pronouncements, that virtually guarantees a cold-weather game in the next five years.

The remainder of the playoff bowl schedule, currently being referred to as the "New Year's bowls," was also announced Wednesday evening:

The selection committee, which is tasked with determining the four teams that will compete in the College Football Playoff, apparently could announce their rankings at various times throughout the season, a drastic departure from the model used in basketball. As CBS' Jeremy Fowler tweeted:

The news of the new title for the championship game comes just days after college football's power brokers announced that the new college football playoff would be called the College Football Playoff. Obviously, the same power brokers used all of their creativity in imagining a world where Rutgers football is relevant in New York City, but it gives us a simple, straightforward name to be supplemented with corporate sponsors at a later date.

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