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Former investigator told Nevin Shapiro NCAA rushed through probe

The NCAA might have moved on from the Nevin Shapiro case a little bit too quickly, according to a former NCAA investigator assigned to handle it.

Mike Ehrmann

The NCAA is entering even hotter water for its handling of its investigation of the University of Miami, reports Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press.

Former investigator Ameen Najjar stated in emails to convicted felon Nevin Shapiro that he had been taken off the case on May 16th, 2012 because the NCAA had not appreciated the way Najjar had approached the case, and subsequently stated that the NCAA was ready to move on. Najjar believed that either the NCAA was trying to meet an arbitrary timeline, or that some people at the top were trying to keep Miami from meeting a harsher judgment.

Najjar had been one of the primary investigators for the NCAA in the Nevin Shapiro case. He stirred controversy by trying to ask questions without the power of subpoena when he hired the bankruptcy attorney for Shapiro. Najjar also wrote to a US District Court judge that Shapiro could be a future consultant for the NCAA based on his early assessment of his character.

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