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Mark Emmert's Final Four press conference: A disaster, in tweets

The NCAA's president took the mic in Atlanta, where he feistily defended his resume and the NCAA's standing amid multiple controversies and investigations.

Kevin C. Cox

And it was one long, sonorous fart noise, the frustrated display of a man growing aware he's on his way off of the highest perch he'll ever reach. Mark Emmert began his time with a lengthy introductory comment, which revealed very little and which many took as a way to cut into the time he'd have to spend answering tough questions about the botched Miami investigation, Penn State and the Freeh report, Syracuse's annual scandal news, the latest from Auburn, the Mike Rice episode and so forth.

He did have to answer those questions, though not very many of them and not to anyone's satisfaction. Anything wrong with the NCAA's enforcement methods has already been bathed in light and corrected, in Emmert's view, and any further necessary corrections are his responsibility.

He directly sparred with CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd, who recently called for Emmert's job, both during and immediately after his time on stage, showing defiance and insisting he's not going anywhere. (We at SB Nation have also called for his job multiple times.)

Let's all get really excited about the Final Four now!

In case you missed it, here's the full transcript and everything you need to know about it:


Oh wait, there was a whole lot more after that:

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