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Mississippi State's new recruiting tool: Cans of Swag

Try Swag!, the newest energy soft drink! Available in a truck in Starkville, Mississippi.

We've already been witness to the glory of Mississippi State's recruiting letters, telling us that we are ballers. But, guys, we were just scratching the surface.

Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey tweeted this Thursday evening, indicating it came from MSU:

It's a can of swag. A not-poorly-drawn can of swag, either. Look: there's shading, and stuff.

Unlike the supremely simplistic "you're a BALLER" letter, this one provides details. We're told that SWAG is the "drink of champions" and that the artist/recruiter who made this letter has a "truckload over here in StarkVegas".

It's official: we HAVE to find the Mississippi State assistant coach responsible for this, and tell him to keep his stream of "hey, recruits like this word, right?" handwritten notes coming.

Drink of champions, huh? Well, Nicky Saban must have a damn FOUNTAIN of the stuff flowing down in Tuscaloosa, amirite guys?

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