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Young cancer patient Jack Hoffman scores TD in Nebraska spring game

The 7-year-old's relationship with the Cornhuskers football program has grown stronger over the last couple of years, and during Nebraska's spring game Saturday, it resulted in the opportunity to run a play with the team.

David McGee,

Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman is a Nebraska fan fighting brain cancer. During the Cornhuskers' spring game Saturday, the team gave Hoffman a special moment, sending him on the field in a Nebraska uniform to run a play in the fourth quarter. Hoffman took the handoff from quarterback Taylor Martinez around the right side for a 69-yard score.

When Hoffman reached the end zone, the team surrounded him, lifting up into the air. Sports can be pretty dang awesome.

Hoffman was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2011 and had surgery to remove a golf ball-sized tumor in October of that year. He developed a friendship with Huskers running back Rex Burkhead around that time, and he's been close to the Nebraska football program ever since.

Donations on Jack's behalf can be made here.

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