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Johnny Manziel throws Rangers game first pitch, is definitely named after his best sport

Mack Brown recruited Johnny Manziel as a baseball player, probably.


I'm kidding. Baseball is hard, and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel got through it just fine. He definitely won't win the La Russa (baseball's version of the Heisman, I'm pretty sure) any time soon, is all I'm saying.

Johnny Football on Johnny Baseball:

Manziel said he talked to Texas A&M baseball coaches last summer about joining the team [...]

Before Manziel became a football star at Texas A&M, he was a middle infielder in high school who looked up to former Rangers catcher Ivan Rodriguez and Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter [...]

"I didn't bounce it. That was the key.'' Manziel said while smiling. "I was a little wild. He made a nice catch there.''