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NCAA bans hashtagged fields, having solved all other problems

But what if you hashtagged a bagel and let a player eat it?

We never really liked hashtags on fields, but if the NCAA is getting rid of them, we love hashtags on fields like we love fried chicken. (And, yes, we're trying to use as many tweets as possible in this story, in hopes of also getting banned.)

Let us remember the greatest moments in the very, very brief hashtagged-field era, starting with the Mississippi State tag that launched it all.

Mississippi State's #HAILSTATE, by Ben Waits

Mississippi State's #SNOWBOWL12, by For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

N.C. State's #gopack, via @PackFootball


Arkansas' #GOHOGS, source unknown


Michigan's #GOBLUE, via the University of Michigan

As always, thanks for all you do, NCAA!

Update: The NCAA provided some not-needed-at-all clarification on the matter:

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