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The new Kyle Field will be so loud 'literally someone is going to wet their pants'

Will the renovated Kyle Field be loud enough to force involuntary pant-wetting? Let us cross all fingers and toes that it's possible.

Bob Levey

When Texas A&M renovates Kyle Field, it should not only expand the seating capacity to over 100,000, but also make an already loud stadium into an extremely loud stadium. This one goes to 11. Sam Torn is the co-chair of the stadium redevelopment committee, and he thinks it won't be loud enough unless people start soiling themselves:

"Our goal is, when an opposing team walks out on this field it is going to be so loud, it is going to be so intense, that literally someone is going to wet their pants."


A cursory googling did not reveal a specific sound threshold at which people involuntarily wet themselves, but this doesn't seem like a science-backed, peer-reviewed statement anyway. However, if the new Kyle Field really can force a football player to soil his britches with sheer volume, I think we can safely look back and say that the project was money well spent.

I would like to think that the Aggie students could incorporate such an event into one of their chants. This may be a bit cumbersome, but I personally like the sound of "Saw Varsity's urine-soaked pants off." Okay, we'll work on it.

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