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Watch Georgia's Kolton Houston explain his battle with the NCAA

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Unusual circumstances involving an anabolic steroid are keeping Houston ineligible, and he has worked hard to remove it from his system and show conclusively that he is not re-using. He's done the latter, but that alone isn't enough for the NCAA.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia offensive lineman Kolton Houston is fighting with the NCAA for his eligibility -- he's been fighting for it ever since he stepped on campus in Athens. Houston was given an anabolic steroid in high school -- he says without his knowledge -- to help him heal from a shoulder injury; it is a banned substance under NCAA rules, and because it lingers in his system above allowable levels, he hasn't been cleared to play for the Bulldogs.

Georgia began administering regular drug tests to Houston once he failed his initial test, and the school was able to prove with the results of those tests that Houston hasn't been re-using since he enrolled. The NCAA hasn't budged on its stance regarding his eligibility, though. Here he explains the whole ordeal to Outside The Lines:

As detailed in this video, Houston tried several different treatments to get the steroid out of his system. That included a risky surgery, an experimental antibiotic and a sauna detox program. None of them worked. But he remains hopeful that he will at some point be allowed to suit up for Georgia.

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