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Hawaii football to be renamed Rainbow Warriors, according to report

After more than a decade without it, the Hawaii football team will reportedly have "Rainbow" back in its nickname.


The University of Hawaii will reportedly rename all of its men's teams the Rainbow Warriors, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. The move is a reversal from several months ago, when new athletic director Ben Jay decided that all men's programs would go only by Warriors.

The Hawaii football team was known as the Rainbow Warriors until 2000, when the "Rainbow" was dropped due to a request from coach June Jones and the team. All other teams were allowed to choose whether they wanted to keep Rainbow as part of their nicknames. Now, in the span of several months, Jay has now decided that no teams would go by Rainbow Warriors and that all teams would go by Rainbow Warriors. The women's teams will reportedly continue to go by Rainbow Wahine.

This is purely speculation on my part, but with the return of the Rainbow name, perhaps Hawaii could update their uniforms, which are currently a dark blend of green, silver, and black. Including some brighter colors would certainly draw attention, and that's never a bad thing for a program of Hawaii's stature. Come on, Under Armour, we know you can do it.

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