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Another SEC coach compares Nick Saban to Satan

Another opposing coach has referred to Nick Saban as the Devil. He isn't. Probably.

Andy Lyons

For the second time in 2013, Alabama head coach Nick Saban has been referred to as the Devil. Following up on Vanderbilt head coach referring to Saban as "Nicky Satan," Florida offensive line coach Tim Davis referred to Saban in a talk with Gator boosters as "the Devil himself" earlier this week.

Obviously, this is all a bit childish. Saban has spent the better part of the past five years beating the SEC’s brains in, and it’s not exactly surprising that opposing coaches would refer to the man as evil incarnate. A bit over the top, sure, but understandable in a weird sort of way.

However, you know what? Nick Saban can make all these accusations go away by just proving he is, in fact, not Satan, lord of all damnation and eternal tormentor of souls. All he has to do is come out and say, "Hey guys, I’m not Satan. I’m not the dang Devil," but so far the silence is deafening.

What are you hiding, Coach? What does "The Process" really mean? What did you have to do with the making of "Little Nicky?" I think the American sporting public deserves answers, don't you?

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