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Bret Bielema merely wants to educate his Twitter haters

Bret Bielema uses Twitter like every coach probably would like to.


Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema is a big believer in the power of Twitter for recruiting purposes, but he uses the social media platform for other things as well -- like responding to people who hurl insults at him. In that sense, he's a rarity among coaches, most of whom interact with fans on Twitter rarely if at all. Bielema recently spoke about his motivations (via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution) for addressing his "haters."

I don't really try to hate (back). I just kind of try to address them. I always I feel like if you ignore something you know is untrue ... then you're probably setting yourself up for future scenarios you don't want to deal with. So I just kind of have some fun with it. I don't really try to insult people. I try to educate them.

Educating and/or changing the mind of an angry person on the Internet? Good luck with that, coach. One thing is for certain, though -- his educational methods are entertaining. He does in fact try to hate back. Quite often, actually.

After he tweeted a picture of a hat he received as a gift...

Sucks to be you, haters, and Bret Bielema ain't afraid to let you know it. But it doesn't sound like he'll have any time for these important factual clarifications come the start of football season, and for that we will all be poorer.

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