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San Diego State new logo revealed

The Aztecs modified their logos to get a more fresh and modern look.

SDSU Athletics

The San Diego State Aztecs have a new logo! It is ... not very different-looking from the old logo. But it is new!

You can compare the two logos. The new one is on top, and you can consult all the variants in their logo and style guide.


Here is the old one.


The main mark of the Aztecs is the SD spear that interlocks in the middle. It doesn't look all that different now. The original design hasn't been altered all that much. There are a few significant changes, namely the changing of the copper borders around the S and the D to white. The "State" that was once shaded inside the S has been removed. The Aztec spear head and tail have been shortened on each side. And the letters appear a bit smaller on each side.

How does the new logo look? Check it out on the San Diego State football helmets below, plus an entire photo set of the new brand refresh on the athletic department's Facebook page.


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