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Baylor Football: Bears unveil new uniforms

Gold helmet, green helmet, who gives a...

Art Briles' Baylor Bears unveiled their new uniform combinations Thursday, as shown above. The Bears now have four different helmets (!), including matte black and a Notre Dame-inspired gold-plated model. They will be outfitted with "grey-to-gold" facemasks that shift color based on angle and lighting.

The Bears also feature three uniforms -- traditional green and white, plus an alternate black -- that can be matched with any of the four helmets. Barring a bowl appearance, the Bears could wear a different uniform-helmet combination for every game this season. Let's hope they try it.

The best part of the unveiling is not the uniforms, though they certainly have a one-off Oregon chic to them. No, the best part of the unveiling is running back Lache Seastrunk's Alfred E. Neuman look in the photo. Seastrunk, of course, originally played at Oregon before transferring to Baylor, and was at the center of the Willie Lyles scandal. That he gets to play in uniforms so Duck-like is poetic justice.

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