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Rich Rodriguez is a strummin' fool

The Arizona staff surprised the coach with a mariachi band on his birthday. Let's break this down, shall we?

Christian Petersen

Rich Rodriguez just turned 50, and the staff at Arizona surprised him with a mariachi band and cake. As you might expect, he did something silly along the way.

Let's break this down:

0:07 - A look of genuine surprise. "How did they know I *love* mariachi music?!"

0:18 - That's actually a really impressive looking cake.

0:29 - This is when things start to go sideways on Rich. Standing there and letting the band play is probably the normal play, but Rich is not a normal guy. He needs to be in on the action.

0:36 - "Uhhh, Coach, can you please just let me play my guitar? You're making this extremely difficult."

0:40 - "Seriously, Coach. Please stop. Your indiscriminate neck strumming is really hurting the group's sound."


1:02 - He's shredding.

1:12 - Caught up in the midst of his musical fury, Coach Rodriguez misses the ending.

1:34 - Somebody's sleepin' on the couch tonight

2:02 - That's a useful gift, he'll be needing that luggage when he's RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL HAHAHA #GOBLUE

2:18 - Blah blah blah can we please talk about Coach's impeccable dad shoes? Mostly white, enormous outsoles. Pretty much perfect.

3:04 - "haaaappy biiiirthday warrrble garrrrbbbbllllllllllll"

3:08 - Seriously, that fell apart fast.

HT: Paul Myerberg

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