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Every SEC coach but Nick Saban wants an 8-game schedule

The SEC's head coaches took a vote on whether they'd like to add a conference game to their schedule, and all but one wanted to keep things easy.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The SEC spring meetings are going on, and the 14 coaches in the conference are discussing various issues related to the conference, such as whether or not to expand the schedule. They took a vote on whether or not the league should go from their current eight-game format to nine games, and although it didn't officially decide anything, the result was pretty resounding:

13-1, you say? Hmm, I wonder who the coach in favor of adding an extra SEC opponent to the slate might have been?

Ahhh, Little Nicky. So tiny, so devilish, and so, so fun to write about. Hmm, 13-1 -- reminds me a bit of Alabama's record this season because they couldn't beat A&M, Paul.

Honestly, though, it's no surprise Saban is the only guy in favor of this. Coaches crave wins, and an eight-game conference schedule means one less opportunity to guarantee one and .5 less home games per season. Saban rarely has to worry about his team scrounging to bowl eligibility and can afford an SEC loss a year and still make the national title game. Those aren't luxuries most coaches can afford, but that's Alabama football.

The SEC still considers its yearly schedules "bridges" to an eventual rotation, so its likely there may be a nine-game schedule, even if everybody is currently in favor of eight.

Other coaches on why they didn't want a nine-game schedule:

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