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Bob Stoops: College football playoff doesn't need media to select teams

The Oklahoma head coach would like reporters to stand on the sidelines of determining a national champion in his sport.


Bob Stoops has had plenty of things to say about a college football playoff over the past year. He was quick to voice his opinion on whether the media should play any role in the new system, and Chris Huston of CBS Sports was among those who got it on record.

When asked Monday whether media should be involved in the playoff committee, Stoops said "Oh, hell no."

It remains to be seen who will be part of the selection committee to determine the top four teams that get into the playoff every season. It could be former head coaches, presidents, various college football experts, and -- yes -- the media.

Stoops didn't seem very enthused about the playoff a year ago and wanted the 'plus-one' model instead, saying that it "would ruin the bowl system." Stoops was then very excited by the possibility of a new playoff system last July, saying that it benefited everyone involved to have "the best teams in the country to determine a national champion on the football field."

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