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Will Muschamp and his sofa sympathize with Bob Stoops

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Will Muschamp talked about Bob Stoops and revealed he doesn't know what those things with the number signs on Twitter are.

@DK_Thompson on Twitter

Will Muschamp spoke to some media Wednesday at ... well, someplace with a nice couch, and spoke about Bob Stoops' recent comments about the SEC and more.

Here's Muschamp, sporting some shoes that I actually could see myself wearing:

In case you missed it, Stoops said the SEC isn't the best conference in the country top-to-bottom -- something sorta categorically disproven by SB Nation's Jason Kirk, but, you know, carry on -- and Muschamp had this to say:

How quickly Muschamp forgets that, you know, he was pretty recently the defensive coordinator at Texas.

Muschamp was also asked about the new rule that teams can't put hashtags on fields:

Really, Will? You don't know what hashtags are?

It also should be noted that assistant coach Joker Phillips totally, totally, totally totally knows what hashtags are.

Muschamp also added that he'd prefer the top four BCS teams make the future College Football Playoff, fearing human bias from a selection committee.

UPDATE: Coach Muschamp has clarified his stance on hashtags:

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