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Rutgers' on-campus meetings with Julie Hermann postponed, according to report

Things aren't getting any easier for the Rutgers athletic department.

Andy Marlin

Julie Hermann won't have an early start with her job as the athletic director of Rutgers just yet. Hermann was initially scheduled to take part in meetings on campus late next week, but Rutgers postponed the meetings without explanation, according to the Star-Ledger.

Scheduled to begin at Rutgers on June 17, Hermann was going to get on campus early to get acclimated. Rutgers hired Hermann in May, but a Star-Ledger report uncovered details on her coaching history at Tennessee, where players say she verbally abused them.

Hermann was also seen in a video at one of her assistant coach's weddings, warning the assistant not to get pregnant. That assistant was fired months later after getting pregnant and won a $150,000 law suit against the university.

Whether the controversy and the postponed meetings are linked is not yet clear, but the Rutgers athletic department hasn't had an easy couple of months.

Former athletic director Tim Pernetti resigned in April after videos of basketball coach Mike Rice at practice surfaced and caused a lot of negative publicity for the university. Now, Rutgers' hiring process is being called into question after Hermann was brought on board.

The next step Rutgers makes could be a critical one.