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College football bowl in Dubai? Conferences planning more games, according to reports

Tired of getting frozen out by the big boys, college football's smaller conferences are looking into starting new bowl games for themselves.

Mark A. Cunningham

The Group of Five conferences are exploring the possibility of adding more bowl games, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy. Those five conferences -- the American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West, and Sun Belt -- are looking into adding games because the "Power Five" conferences are increasingly leaving them out of bowl game matchups.

Nine cities are reportedly possible for hosting bowl games starting in 2014, including Miami, Orlando, Boca Raton (Fla.), Little Rock (Ark.), Montgomery (Ala.), and Los Angeles, as well as international options like Dublin, Dubai, Toronto, and the Bahamas. The AP's Ralph Russo also reports many of the same locales.

A new Miami bowl game would potentially be played in Marlins Park if it goes forward, and the games in Boca Raton and Orlando would be played in FAU and UCF's home stadiums. A new Los Angeles bowl would be in the Coliseum, rather than the Rose Bowl.

This news will be greeted with mock by those that already think there are too many bowl games, but I don't know if that's correct. If these new games are between mid-major programs, they'll probably all be insanely fun, no one will play defense, and should give the viewer an excellent return on their viewing time. Sure, maybe there are too many bowl games, but why do you hate football so much?

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