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Miami player goes to police to file incident report against NCAA

Dyron Dye is going on the offensive.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Miami Hurricanes defensive end Dyron Dye and lawyer Darren Heitner filed an incident report with Coral Gables police Friday alleging that Dye had been coerced by an NCAA investigator to provide answers favorable to the NCAA's case against the Miami football program, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

The investigator in question, Rich Johanningmeier, is now retired. He met with Dye twice in 2011 to discuss the allegations against Miami. According to the incident report, Johanningmeier used inappropriate tactics during those meetings, going so far as to threaten Dye's college eligibility:

Dye, according to Heitner's statement in the incident report, "did not recall specifics of what Mr. Johanningmeier was asking. Mr. Dye stated that he felt intimidated by Mr. Johanningmeier. Mr. Heitner stated that Mr. Johanningmeier threatened Mr. Dye's football eligibility if he did not cooperate during the interview."

Coral Gables police have not yet launched an investigation into the allegations alleged by Dye.

The NCAA admitted earlier this year that there was improper conduct by its enforcement staff in the investigation, which cast doubt on the entire case. Dye's allegations may further weaken the NCAA's position.

Johanningmeier has had issues in the past -- he and the NCAA were once sued for defamation by a pair of ex-Alabama coaches, and he is currently fighting a lawsuit from former Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill.

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