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College Football Playoff selection committee tracker: Condi Rice among 13 reported members

The College Football Playoff's selection committee isn't going to select itself. We'll update this page over time, as more details emerge about the committee's requirements.

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What we know about the College Football Playoff's selection committee: very little. It's the most critical portion of the tournament as far as competition goes, but for now, also the least settled question. It may not stay that way for long, though, as executive director Bill Hancock has said that prospective members of the selection committee have been contacted. However, there is still no timeframe for when they will be formally introduced.

Things we know about the Playoff as a whole include where games will be played, how much money will be made off television rights, and how long until it can expand beyond four (plus how many people with important job titles are already calling for it to expand). Plus a bunch of other stuff.

Almost all of what we know about the committee itself is as follows:

  • Its membership will be somewhere between 12 and 18 strong, and we should learn more details by the end of 2013.
  • The committee will release some sort of regular rankings. Expect this to be televised, perhaps replacing the current Sunday night BCS standings reveal.
  • The Playoff has an official description of the committee's duty -- "A selection committee will choose the four teams for the playoff based on their performance during the regular season, including, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, championships won, and other factors" -- and the committee will also rank teams for the other four non-Playoff BCS 2.0 bowls, according to a previous announcement. That means ranking at least 12 teams (since members will surely lobby for bubble teams), not just four.

That's about all that's set in stone.

We have some hints and gestures beyond that, however. Below, the status of various college football entities as potential selection committee members:




Hopefully not

Bob Stoops doesn't like


  • Akon, the singer and record producer. Not official. Just feeling confident.
  • Bobby Bowden.
  • Current coaches. Duh.
  • Current conference commissioners.
  • Current players. But that would be terrific.
  • Several current media members, who've said they'd decline.

Your turn

Who's your No. 1 recommendation, and who's the last person you want to see given the honor?

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