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Charles Sims barred from Texas Tech, now considering Cal and West Virginia

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Houston won't let the running back go to any other school in the state of Texas, and that isn't the end of the restrictions.


Running back Charles Sims is transferring from Houston, and the school placed a bunch of restrictions on where he can go, according to ESPN's Joe Schad. Sims cannot transfer to an in-state school, another team in the American Athletic Conference, or any team on the Cougars' 2013 non-conference schedule.

With a move to Texas Tech no longer possible, Sims is looking at West Virginia and California, Schad reports. Sims is a graduate transfer and therefore can play immediately.

Texas Tech blog Viva The Matadors: Red Raiders' outlook at running back

Texas Tech was a potential destination before these restrictions were put in place because several members of the Red Raiders' staff, including head coach Kliff Kingsbury, were assistants at Houston during Sims' career there.

Houston does not have to play Texas Tech this season and thus wouldn't have to worry about facing their former star running back, making the restriction come off as nothing but petty. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is by no means unprecedented in college football.

Sims led Houston in rushing three times; he finished the 2012 season with 846 yards on 142 carries and ran for 11 scores.

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