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NCAA investigation found no evidence of Nevin Shapiro gambling claims

Miami denies the latest allegations from the disgraced Ponzi scheme purveyor, released in anticipation of an SI report and upcoming hearing.


An NCAA investigation of claims by disgraced Miami booster Nevin Shapiro that coaches gave him inside information to help him gamble on football turned up "no concrete evidence" of wrongdoing, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

Shapiro alleged that coaches shared with him information --- such as whether a particular injured player would be available to play --- in at least two games, including in 2005 and a 2007 game against North Carolina, which UM lost, 33-27.

According to a third source, the NCAA previously investigated Shapiro's gambling claims but found no concrete evidence and did not make any allegations regarding gambling in UM's Notice Of Allegations.

That frustrated Shapiro, who believed the NCAA did not adequately investigate his claims involving the matter.

If Shapiro was getting gambling information from coaches, it was not helping. As Jackson points out, Shapiro has admitted to losing $9 million on sports gambling and paying tens of thousands of dollars to a local handicapper for advice.

Shapiro's latest allegations are reportedly part of a Sports Illustrated feature on the NCAA's investigation of the Hurricanes. The investigation has been fraught with problems, including charges that the investigators employed Shapiro's bankuptcy lawyer and used her subpoena power to obtain information necessary to the inquiry. Last week, a Miami player filed a police report in Coral Gables alleging that an NCAA investigator threatened and coerced his assistance with the investigation. Others have claimed that the NCAA lied to interview subjects in order to coerce favorable testimony. The NCAA's actions prompted Miami to file a motion to dismiss the entire case in late March.

Miami's long-awaited hearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions is scheduled to begin Thursday, June 13 in Indianapolis.

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