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Texas Tech associate athletic director takes shot at SEC

Another Big 12 person thinks they have better conference depth than the SEC. Please end, offseason.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

You'll remember earlier this offseason when Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops took a shot at the SEC, proclaiming that the bottom of half of the league was, in fact, not very good, and that the conference's dominance has been overstated. Naturally, there was much mock pointed at Stoops afterwards, as well as some good ole fact-based refutation of his claim. A silly offseason story, put to bed in a matter of days and hopefully never heard from again, right?

Welp, not really, no. Texas Tech associate AD Blayne Beal tweeted something similar on Wednesday, in an attempt to trumpet the Big 12's supposedly superior depth in comparison to the SEC:

Look, Blayne -- can I call you Blayne? -- I see what you're doing. The Big 12 is a pretty deep conference. But until someone besides an SEC team wins the national championship, statements like these will be met with a whole lot of HURRS and DURRS.

People are perfectly free to keep saying things like this on Twitter. They're your mentions, and you can reduce them to shambles if you want. I will say though, points awarded for shoehorning your opinion into a tweet about Media Days, which are coming up later this month! #branding #socialmedia

Good lord, this is the most offseason story. Please end, previously mentioned offseason.

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