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Bret Bielema's latest Twitter adventure involves Ole Miss recruit

Bret Bielema didn't mean to briefly tweet that thing he isn't allowed to tweet. Luckily, his Twitter handle is prominently featured on Arkansas' latest media guide, so nobody will notice. 1-0, WPS.

Wesley Hitt

The Search and Compose Tweet fields are oh-so similar. It's the premise behind the famed Old Man Search twitter account. Arkansas coach Bret Bielema found this out the hard way.

For a brief moment, Bielema tweeted two simple words: "Andy bauer." He very quickly deleted them. Luckily, several of SB Nation's blogs were quick enough to catch him beforehand:

Who's Andy Bauer, you might ask? He's a four-star offensive tackle recruit from St. Louis who picked Ole Miss over Arkansas and a host of other schools. Coaches aren't allowed to mention unsigned recruits by name, so that's technically not a violation, although it's clearly just an accident in this case. Poor guy was just curious.

This is particularly bad timing: Wednesday, Arkansas released the cover of its new media guide, and it very prominently features the Twitter handles of Bielema and several Arkansas players.

Let's dip into the wayback machine, and check out some of THE TWITTER ADVENTURES OF BRET BIELEMA.

And many, many, more. BERT is a master of social media, and besides, Memphis basketball coach Josh Pastner made this exact same mistake once upon a time.

1-0, WPS.

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