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The NCAA Football 14 megasim: Simulating 2013 10 times over

One 2013 season? No. We've run through the year 10 times to produce the following aggregate results. Spoiler: Alabama is good, and Ohio State has a lot of trophies.

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The breeziest story any college football writer gets to do all year is the set-it-and-forget-it NCAA Football simulation. This is by no means a shot at any writer who might have done such a relaxing thing already this year, since it'll be done one million times by every website probably up to and including by August 29. And probably weekly throughout the season at 100 websites each. And that's great.

But why not try something different? Last year, we attempted to create the worst NCAA Football 13 simulation possible. It was horrific. Colorado State went 11-2.

This year, 2013 has been simulated for you 10 times over. These combined results will be more comprehensive and hopefully more amusing than using one simulation, because great day in the morning is Washington way too good every single time or what.

First up, the big winners from each of the 10 2013 seasons.

The national championship

Yep, Longhorns vs. Aggies for the national title lined up at one point. Here are the national champs from each simulated 2013:

Alabama (13-1) over Ohio State (13-1)
Louisville (13-0) over Boise State (13-1)
Michigan State (12-2) over Alabama (11-3)
Notre Dame (12-1) over Texas (12-1)
Ohio State (14-0) over Georgia Tech (13-1)
Ohio State (14-0) over Washington (13-1)
Texas (13-0) over Alabama (12-2)
Texas (13-0) over Texas A&M (12-2)
Texas A&M (13-1) over Ohio State (10-3)
Texas A&M (14-0) over Boise State (12-2)
Total national championships: Ohio State, Texas, Texas A&M 2; Alabama, Louisville, Michigan State, Notre Dame 1 each
National championship appearances: Ohio State 4; Alabama, Texas, Texas A&M 3; Boise State 2; Georgia Tech, Louisville, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Washington 1

Lots to learn from this, but mostly that you're probably happy if your team is up there. It's almost like if you ask a video game to run a bunch of numbers tied to real-life things, you'll find some that make people who like those real-life things happy. Amazing! Internet! Georgia Tech and Michigan State and Washington somehow!

Heisman Trophy finalists

The scoring system here: five points for a first-place finish, four points for second, and so on. All 10 top-fives were then added together.

Braxton Miller, Ohio State QB 43
Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M QB 36
Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville QB 11
Jordan Lynch, NIU QB 10
Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech QB 9
AJ McCarron, Alabama QB 6
Taylor Martinez, Nebraska QB 6
Joe Southwick, Boise State QB 5
Marcus Mariota, Oregon QB 5
T.J. Yeldon, Alabama RB 5
Blake Bell, Oklahoma QB 4
Johnathan Gray, Texas RB 4
Kolton Browning, ULM QB 4
Noah Copeland, Navy RB 4
Robert Godhigh, Georgia Tech RB 4
Vad Lee, Georgia Tech QB 3
Devin Gardner, Michigan QB 1
Tajh Boyd, Clemson QB 1

Video games like quarterbacks.

Also, this video game, which has greatly improved the utility of its option-run offenses, has a highly overpowered Georgia Tech and terrifying service academies. All option attacks are more effective than they were in previous editions, and it appears the offenses that run nothing but option plays are just about unstoppable. Which is better than them being totally useless like they were last year, at least.

Conference champions

Simple. The number of times each team won its conference.

American ACC Big 12 Big Ten Conference USA
Louisville 8 Virginia Tech 3 Oklahoma 4 Ohio State 8 Marshall 3
Cincinnati 1 Georgia Tech 2 Texas 3 Illinois 1 Tulsa 2
UCF 1 Miami 2 Kansas State 2 Wisconsin 1 UTEP 2
Clemson 1 Oklahoma State 1 ECU 1
Florida State 1 Tulane 1
North Carolina 1 FAU 1
MAC Mountain West Pac-12 SEC Sun Belt
NIU 4 Boise State 7 USC 6 Alabama 7 ULM 6
Ball State 3 Fresno State 2 Washington 2 Texas A&M 2 ULL 2
Buffalo 2 San Diego State 1 UCLA 1 Florida 1 WKU 2
Ohio 1 Utah 1

Reasonable, except for the ACC, Pac-12, and Conference USA. Clemson and Florida State combined for only two titles, Oregon and Stanford were shut out, and Tulane won something. Georgia Tech and Washington remain too prominent.

Position award winners

Same as above. These are completely all over the place, which I appreciated seeing. Except Ohio State won 21 out of a possible 150.

Maxwell (Player) Camp (Player) Bednarik (Defender) Nagurski (Defender) O'Brien (QB)
Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M (4) Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M (4) Ciante Evans, Nebraska (2) Chase Vasser, Georgia Braxton Miller, Ohio State (3)
Braxton Miller, Ohio State (2) Braxton Miller, Ohio State (2) Cameron Truss, Bowling Green Corey Marshall, Virginia Tech Joe Southwick, Boise State (2)
Kolton Browning, ULM Kolton Browning, ULM Carrington Byndom, Texas Donovan Lewis, Fresno State Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M (2)
Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville Chase Vasser, Georgia Geneo Grissom, Oklahoma Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville (2)
Dayonne Nunley, Miami (Ohio) Jackson Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas, Texas Kolton Browning, ULM
Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina
Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State Malcolm Brown, Texas
Prince Shembo, Notre Dame Shembo
Randall Evans, Kansas State Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame
Tahj Jones, LSU
Walker (RB) Biletnikoff (WR) Mackey (TE) Outland (OL) Rimington (C)
Ben Malena, Texas A&M Matt Miller, Boise State (4) Craig Wenrick, UTEP (3) Jake Matthews, Texas A&M (5) Corey Linsley, Ohio State (5)
Carlos Hyde, Ohio State Mike Evans, Texas A&M (3) Blake Annen, Cincinnati (2) Mason Walters, Texas (2) Andrew Miller, Virginia Tech (4)
Jeremy Hill, LSU Corey Brown, Ohio State (2) Holden Huff, Boise State (2) Andrew Norwell, Ohio State Austin Barron, Florida State
John Hubert, KSU Jaz Reynolds, Oklahoma Jake Long, Nebraska (2) Anthony Steen, Alabama
Johnathan Gray, Texas Adam Roberts, San Diego State Taylor Lewan, Michigan
Josh Robinson, Mississippi State
Noah Copeland, Navy
Robert Godhigh, Georgia Tech
T.J. Yeldon, Alabama
Todd Gurley, Georgia
Lombardi (DL) LB Thorpe (DB) Groza (K) Guy (P)
Adolphus Washington, Ohio State (2) Chase Vasser, Georgia Randall Evans, Kansas State (3) Anthony Fera, Texas (2) Kris Albarado, USC (2)
Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas (2) Conor O'Neill, Wisconsin Dayonne Nunley, Miami (Ohio) (2) Kyle Brindza, Notre Dame (2) Mike Sadler, Michigan State (2)
Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame (2) Jonathan Brown, Illinois Bradley Roby, Ohio State Colby Perry, Temple William Russ, Texas (2)
Anthony Chickillo, Miami Jordan Jenkins, Georgia Carrington Byndom, Texas Daniel Schwarz, Tulsa Cody Mandell, Alabama
Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina Joshua Perry, Ohio State Ciante Evans, Nebraska Drew Basil, Ohio State Drew Riggleman, Arizona
James Gayle, Virginia Tech Kyle Van Noy, BYU Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State Travis Coons, Washington Kyle Christy, Florida
Taylor Hart, Oregon Prince Shembo, Notre Dame Raymon Taylor, Michigan Kyle French, Wisconsin Tyler Hull, South Carolina
Ricky Dowdy, N.C. State Taylor Zalewski, Illinois
Steven Jenkins, Texas A&M
Tahj Jones, LSU

Bowl wins and appearances

I'm not gonna lie to you. I got sick really quickly of tracking how many bowl wins and appearances each team earned. That's 70 teams per sim, or 700 overall.

Just know that TCU and Iowa met in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl three times, which sounds like something Dante would've scrapped for being too agonizing, and that Oklahoma State and BYU met in the motherf-----g Compass Bowl at some point somehow.

I did keep track of BCS bowl wins and appearances for you, though.

BCS bowl wins and appearances

Please note Alabama missed out on a BCS bowl exactly once and that N.C. State won a Sugar Bowl as an at-large.

BCS bowl wins BCS appearances
Alabama 7 Alabama 9
Louisville 5 Louisville 8
Ohio State 5 Ohio State 8
Oklahoma 4 Texas 7
USC 4 Oklahoma 6
Boise State 3 Texas A&M 6
Oregon 3 USC 6
Texas 3 Boise State 5
Texas A&M 3 Oregon 5
Georgia Tech 2 Florida 4
Washington 2 Notre Dame 4
Florida 2 Virginia Tech 4
Clemson 1 Georgia Tech 3
Florida State 1 Miami 3
Kansas State 1 Washington 3
Michigan 1 Michigan State 2
Michigan State 1 Nebraska 2
N.C. State 1 Cincinnati 1
Notre Dame 1 Clemson 1
Florida State 1
Fresno State 1
Illinois 1
Kansas State 1
Michigan 1
N.C. State 1
North Carolina 1
Northwestern 1
Oklahoma State 1
Utah 1
Wisconsin 1

So that's that. How do we feel about all this? You're probably mad about Texas being really good.

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