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Baylor's Holiday Bowl rings don't have the right final score, unless you're Art Briles

The final score of the Holiday Bowl was 49-26. Art Briles thinks it was 49-19, due to a mistake by officials late in the game everybody else ignored. Guess which score Baylor's bowl rings have on them?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Baylor Bears shared their cool bowl ring they gave out to their players for winning the Holiday Bowl, commemorating 49 days remaining to their upcoming football season with a snapshot of the part of the ring celebrating their 49-26 victory over UCLA- wait, what?

The final score of the Holiday Bowl was 49-26 with Nick Florence and the Bears romping over the Bruins. Seriously, look at the box score. But there on the ring, it says 49-19. But as Football Scoop notes, the discrepancy might be due to an officiating disagreement.

UCLA's final TD came on a last-second toss from Brett Hudley to Logan Sweet, which pretty clearly came up a few yards short with zeroes on the clock. But the officials ruled the play a touchdown, and with the 23-point differential, nobody really cared. Except of course, for Briles, who noticed the play on the Qualcomm Stadium jumbotron and quickly began signalling to referees that he wanted them to challenge the play, eventually calling a timeout with no time left on the clock so the officials could have more time to review the play. They didn't, leaving Briles to shake his head and mutter on the way over to shake Jim Mora's hand.

Whether or not Briles actively made sure everybody around Baylor football knew the official final score didn't reflect Baylor's opinion of the final score, this ring-maker clearly got the memo.

The disconnect between rings and reality has become apparent over the past few months. First, there were Ohio State's gaudy rings for going undefeated, which was a nice gift to the players for accomplishing everything they could in a season they were ineligible. Then there were North Carolina's rings commemorating them as ACC Coastal Division Champions, even if the ACC didn't actually acknowledge them as Coastal Division Champions. And last week, we saw Menelik Wilson's ring which accidentally identified Florida State as the SEC champions, which was a sorta bad slipup.

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