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Ron Zook works at a bank

From bizarre head coach to purveyor of financial services, Ron Zook is a Central Florida Renaissance Man.

Jonathan Daniel

Remember Ron Zook? The former Florida and Illinois coach that was never really any good at his job but just kind of stuck around as a head coach for a decade? Well, he's got a new career, and it doesn't involve coaching football, badly.

The former Gator and Illini head coach is currently working as a "business development officer" at a Gateway Bank in Ocala, Fla. I'm not exactly sure what a "business development officer" does, but let's take a guess at some of his job responsibilities:

  • Coaching punt coverage

  • Screaming motivational phrases at customers with less than $200 in their checking accounts

  • Taking larger clients water skiing

  • Feverishly attempting to get Juice Williams a job

  • Standing out by the road in a gorilla suit and spinning the NO FEE CHECKING ACCOUNT sign

  • Painting STRENGTH. TRUST. RESPECT. above the front door for employees to jump tap on their way into work

While jokes are all well and good, there's nothing wrong with Zook doing something besides coaching football. Hell, it's probably like being on vacation all the time compared to coaching. Also, there's this:

So you know what? Good for you, Ron. Enjoy your weekends off.

HT: Lost Lettermen

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