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Alabama sure seems focused on Texas A&M

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Mike Zarrilli

Texas A&M handed Alabama its only loss of the 2013 season, at home no less. It was a shocking defeat, and while it didn't end up costing the Crimson Tide a shot at the BCS title, you know it had to stick in Nick Saban's craw that his team lost. Well, contain your surprise, but it seems like the Crimson Tide are pretty focused on their rematch with the Aggies:

Building a slow boiling hatred and lust for revenge over a long offseason by constantly reminding players of their single failure. Not only is this part of The Process, but I'm relatively sure that Saban had a special sleep mask* made that plays the game film on repeat. Bet Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies are just regular ol' sleepin'.

*ahahaha, Nick Saban clearly doesn't sleep

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