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James Franklin says he wasn't calling all Mizzou fans rude, just that one guy

Did Missouri's quarterback fire a shot at his own fanbase, or did he misspeak?


Senior Missouri Tigers quarterback James Franklin spoke to a smaller gathering before entering the main hall at SEC Media Days. Before hitting the big room, he was asked about which fanbase is the SEC's rudest. His answer was not exactly popular among his own fans and rapidly made the rounds on Twitter:

Asked to clarify that comment, Franklin indicates he meant to reference a particular Missouri fan, who issued "the worst comment I got," not all Missouri fans.

"I definitely don't wanna repeat what he said," Franklin said with a glowing smile. He said everything with a glowing smile, as well as yes ma'ams and yes sirs. Just want to emphasize the glowingness.

"I guess it has gotten out of context," he said after hearing about his remark's social media impact. "Someone pulled me aside, and I said, "Oh man, I'm gonna be in trouble for this one.'"

Franklin's unique personality hasn't quite squared with the stereotypical SEC quarterback's before, particularly during his injury-plagued 2012 season. Certain Mizzou fans (and others) have questioned his leadership at times. The two-year starter had shoulder surgery in April.

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