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Are these Tennessee's new football uniforms?

EA Sports may have leaked the Vols' new uniforms on Tuesday.


We found out yesterday that the Tennessee Volunteers would be sporting new uniforms this year. We now have some visual imagery via UniWatch, which was pulled from the NCAA Football 14 DLC that came out on Tuesday to go along with this description of the changes.

1. An outline of the state of Tennessee on the back of both the home and road uniforms, placed just above the player's names

2. A script "TENNESSEE" on the front of the road jersey, above the numerals

3. A faint checkerboard design in the numerals on the road jerseys

As you can see, the "TENNESSEE" and checkerboard numerals are both there, but we can't tell if the state outline is since the players are facing the wrong way. How inconvenient.

Not mentioned among those changes are what appears to be some kind of breathable mesh beneath the numbers, and a striped pattern (also, possibly for ventilation) on the chest. It's tough to draw concrete conclusions from a video game still, but those probably wouldn't have been included if the real-life versions weren't going to look similar.

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