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Mike Leach on SEC: Pac-12 deeper, hurry-up debate nonsense

One of the grandfathers of the spread doesn't have time for the debate over the hurry-up. He does have time for other things, though, including the SEC's depth and new targeting rules.


Washington State head coach Mike Leach is an interesting guy. He generally has an opinion on most things, including the relative education level of most fish.

One such opinion that he has is that the Pac-12 is deeper than the SEC:

You may agree or disagree with that statement, but Washington State does open the season on the road against Auburn this year, and the Tigers conveniently finished in the basement of the SEC. How very interesting!

He also has thoughts on the new ejection rules concerning targeting:

One thing he doesn't have an opinion on is the debate in the SEC over hurry-up offenses:

Of course. Of course.

Now, if you don't mind, Coach has a book to write.

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