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Miami (Ohio) unveils 2013's craziest new football helmet

Miami (Ohio) went for a total revamp of their jerseys, and ended up with some surprising details that seem a bit crazy on first glance.

Miami (Ohio) is hoping to turn things around after back-to-back 4-8 seasons under Don Treadwell, and it's starting with the uniforms. Wednesday saw the reveal of a new set of duds by Adidas that don't exactly look like anything anybody else in college football is wearing. We'll leave it to you to decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Yes, as you can see, it says "MIAMI" right across the back of the helmet. Most teams opt for logos on the side of the helmet, as Miami generally has, but they've gotten rid of the Block M on the sides, added the BIG TEAM NAME on the back, and covered the helmet with random squigglies, and moved the M to the front: Nqnfdbduzpsurve

The back of the helmet isn't the only place "MIAMI" is featured where it normally isn't: Hxwozcngnxpuhzn

Yeah, it's smack dab across the shoulders as well. The school's press release indicates that it's the only school in college football with this feature. I'm not a huge fan, because the "A" kinda gets replaced by the player's head. And the player's head has a big "M" on it. Which turns this into an advertisement for the Chasing Mimi podcast.

As for the actual uniform:


Quite frankly, nothing wrong with that. It's bold and it's crisp. Exactly the opposite of what the Ohio-based school wants to hear, but it looks kind of like Ohio State's alternate uniforms, provided you flip the color scheme.I like it. The chrome Block M on the pants is nice, and the uniform numbers have a nice texture: Zxyyzkpyyzrcjit

Photos credit: Miami University Athletics

They're a little bit visually arresting at first because of some concepts not seen on a lot of jerseys. A major overhaul isn't the worst thing for a team looking to shake things up, especially after rocking some relatively traditional and generic jerseys in past. We think it's sharp, but we can see where you're coming from if you think it's too garish and nuts.

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