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Florida removes Aaron Hernandez's All-America brick

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The brick honored Hernandez's accomplished 2009 season in Gainesville.

Julie Quittner (Gainesville Television Network)

The Florida Gators on Thursday removed a brick honoring former tight end Aaron Hernandez from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Hernandez was arrested and charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd in June, and his potential involvement in a double homicide last summer is also being investigated.

A statement on the matter was also released:

Urban Meyer, who coached Hernandez at Florida, addressed questions about his former player during Big Ten media days. Meyer has been criticized for the way he and his staff may have handled Hernandez and others from a disciplinary perspective. Whether that's fair or not is another matter.

As for Florida, the removal of the brick serves as what it likely considers an important and symbolic step toward disassociating itself from the former All-American, but as SB Nation's Alligator Army notes, the gesture doesn't really mean anything.

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