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Most Oregon Ducks thing of the day: 2013 football uniform color guide

Oregon fans have no excuses for a fashion faux pas committed in 2013.

Four jersey colors at the same game? What is this, amateur hour?
Four jersey colors at the same game? What is this, amateur hour?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon Ducks are known for up-tempo offense and winning football games. The Oregon Ducks are really known for fashion-forward uniforms and never wearing the same thing twice. With such a chic football team, Oregon fans must live up to a high standard of gameday attire and avoid clashing at all costs. Thankfully, Oregon has provided a handy guide on what to wear each Saturday this fall.


Listen up, John Q. Oregon Fan. You're not some Neanderthal cheering for a team that gets up in the morning and just puts on any old thing. Your football team looks good, and you need to look good, too. Come on, look at these helmets:


via Bleacher Report

If Oregon wants you to wear yellow, you wear yellow. If Oregon wants you to wear green, you wear green. If Oregon wants you to dye your skin with some radioactive chemical in the name of "the Autzen Stadium experience," you do as you're told.

Print out this guide, keep it in your purse or wallet, or post it at home in a highly visible place. You don't want to be the rube who shows up in white when everyone else is wearing black. Just the thought of such a debacle is embarrassing enough.

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