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New Western Michigan football uniforms feature 'ROW THE BOAT' themed helmets

Western Michigan is doubling down on P.J. Fleck's slogan for the team, putting ROW and some oars on their new helmets.

Western Michigan released its new uniforms Friday and they continue the Broncos' tradition of putting new head coach P.J. Fleck's "Row The Boat" mantra damn near everywhere.

The uniforms were unveiled in this video, because the ceiling can't hold WMU football:

(Seriously, props for the big ol' shot of the MAC logo when Macklemore says "mack.")

The uniforms themselves are pretty clean-cut and conventional: Wmuniforms7_medium

But the things get interesting with the helmets: Wmuniforms4_medium

If you haven't heard about the "row the boat" thing, Fleck is shaping his new program around it. He made himself wooden boat-shaped business cards, he has a dance, and now it's on the helmets. As you can see, the nose bumper is just the word ROW, and the helmet stickers are oars.

A closer look at the stickers, plus the uniform numbers on the right side of the helmet: Wmuniforms6_medium

The right side of the helmet features a Bronco, in both black and white: Wmuniforms3_medium Wmuniforms2_medium

The entire thing looks kind of like Boise State, who also feature a Bronco and numbers, and also have black DEATH BRONCO helmets and white FROST BRONCO helmets. Although it's kinda confusing that the new slogan for the Broncos is about boat-rowing and horses totally cannot row boats, it's working:

The uniforms aren't mind-blowing, but the helmets do indicate the dynamic shift Fleck is going for in WMU football.

In other news, wide receiver Darrin Duncan has an awesome and terrifying facemask: Wmuniforms1_medium

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